It’s 2014. Wait, whaaaaaaaaat?

Happy New Year! ….only 18 days late. 

I’m already back at school and busy. Thankfully, I decided to give myself the opportunity to enjoy senior year. I’m only taking 8 credits (a quantitative theory methods course, an evolutionary medicine course, and one research credit) which is awesome because that means I’m under-loading and paying by credit hour. I think what I like most about my schedule is that I’m auditing classes. First, there’s the second semester of introductory Hindi which is just as much fun as last semester. I will miss the GPA boost, though. Second, there’s a class that’s cross-listed between the theater and human health departments. The class, together, composes a 30 minute original play dealing with sex, sexual orientation and sexual health. Then, we perform that play to local high schools. The best part is that immediately after performances, we remain in character and answer questions from the audience which makes it significantly easier for audience members to ask delicate and personal questions. Lastly, I am contemplating auditing an anthropology course called Sexual Economies. I think that’d be incredibly interesting because often initiatives to end poverty overlook prostitution because it may be illegal but it still occurs. I haven’t actually attended a class yet, so that’s still tentative. 

So classes are good. So far. 

Yesterday was my first Friday night as a spring semester senior. I went to a friend’s apartment party and ended up playing water pong with some people that I will always remember. Even though I was tipsy, all I could think about was how I will never be able to attend such silly parties and play pong with red Solo cups and drink other people’s alcohol for free. They are the people who I will keep in touch with after graduation, after marriage and more. The most vividly memorable moment was when I was sitting on the floor like a true college drunkard with my friend and we were dancing but from our spots on the floor and against the wall. Then, another friend joined us and we laid on the floor in the middle of the party and had silly conversations about who would be the first to ask if we needed help, about how we were seniors and about to enter the real world. 

And as per usual, a life in links: 

1. Be inspiring, but also be realistic and consider others – this piece picks apart the widely used phrase, “Do What You Love.” 

2. Why we should all go to Spain. 

3. Why we should all live on Russian farms. 

4. What city should you live in? 

5. Following love around the world. 

6. Families come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all beautiful. Like this one

7. There are a bunch of things about getting married/engaged early in life but a lot of them simply criticize marriage and conservative views when in reality such a big step can be the right step for some people. Here’s a better way to look the situation. 

8. Things you can say when you go to a party and don’t know anyone. 

9. I admit to taking an online quiz about which Grey’s Anatomy character I’m most similar to and I got Derek Shepherd. Here’s the description: You’d think being gorgeous and talented would make you kind of a jerk, but you’re not. You’re a natural leader, but you shy away from the limelight. Don’t let that easygoing, nature-loving exterior fool you, though – you’re brilliant under pressure and will fight for those you love. I’m not sure how accurate the description is of me, though… 

10. The only kind of physics I like… 

11. In trying to stand up for black women, the man who responds simply demeans himself by stooping to the writer’s level. I think it’s important to remember that when you’re trying to make a point, do so with tact and don’t do exactly what you’re criticizing. Still a good read

12. Another good read. By Kristof, naturally. 


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